Organizational Behavior
Organizational behavior is the study of how people behave in an organization. It is the study of what people think, feel, and do in organizations.
Start dates & Duration:
October 30 - January 15, 2022
Offline & Online
Tuition Fee:
35 500 uah
*payment in installments is possible
Course structure
  • Understanding the Influence of Organizational Context on Employee Behavior (Environment, Technology, Culture)
  • The influence of Environmental (Macro) Factors on Behavior.
  • Understanding the Influence of Individual Factors on Employee Behavior (Personality, Individual Motivation, Values, Emotions)
  • The Influence of Individual (Micro) Issues on Behavior.
  • Understanding the Influence of Group Factors (Meso factors) on Employee Behavior (Group Dynamics, Culture of a Group).
  • Understanding Larger Organization System Factors Which Influence Employee Behavior (organizational System, Organizational Power, Organizational Politics)
Olha Verkhohliad
Ph.D., Author of numerous academic publications


  • Ph.D. Doctoral degree (Educational Administration), College Station, TX, USA)
  • M.A. Master degree (Christian Education), Dallas, TX, USA
  • B.A Bachelor degree (Education), Ukraine

Work Experience:

  • Analysis of HR processes in an organization, system analysis
  • Employee evaluation via the Assessment Center method
  • Development and implementation of business policies and procedures
  • Supervision of organizational changes
  • Research and publications

Areas of Expertise:

  • National human capital and socio-economic development
  • Human capital evaluation
  • Assessment Center and employee development and evaluation
  • International accreditation
    At the end of the course students will be able to:
    • Diagnose organizational behavior
    • Identify factors that influence the behavior of employees
    • Generate tools for influencing employee behavior
    • Develop a thorough understanding of behavior modification theories and know-how they may be applied in a stable and changeable organizational setting
    • Choose the most appropriate methods of behavior modification with limited knowledge of the business situation
    • Develop a domestic and global perspective of applying OB approaches for enhancement of organizational performance
    • Develop skills of effective communication and effectively demonstrate these skills in practical class projects
    • Develop a thorough understanding of the ways organizational culture may be built for enhancement of organizational performance
    You can contact the program manager for details:

    Olha Dobrova,
    [email protected],
    +38 (067) 441 01 11
    (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp)

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