Quantitative methods
Start date & duration:
May - July 2021
Tuition Fee:
35 500 uah
In our data-driven world, it is difficult to imagine a modern manager who does not know the basic tools of quantitative analysis.
*payment in installments is possible
Course structure

  • Motivational example of sales forecasting using the Excel add-in
  • Summarizing data and constructing information graphs
  • Theory and mechanics of probabilities by regression of ordinary linear squares (OLS)
  • Linear regression from Harvard Business Publishing
  • Regression extension: a linear probability model for analyzing binary data and time series models
  • Analysis of big data in R / RStudio, which will lay the foundation for future independent learning of the most motivated students
Maksym Obrizan
Professor of the Kyiv School of Economics, Academic Director of the Business Education Department of KSE, whose main responsibility is to ensure the quality of all degree programs at the Department of Business Education.

Research interests: research of applied health economics and macroeconomics.

Examination: Economics, data visualization, data analytics
What will you get

  • Analysis and description of business data in Excel
  • Introduction to OLS assessment methods
  • Understanding the basic theory of probabilities
  • Ability to run linear regression using the Excel add-in
  • Apply regression to predict business results
  • Understanding the nature of qualitative data and time-series data
  • Basic understanding of extended data analysis in R using machine learning methods
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