«Ukrainian export to Japan: possibilities and obstacles»
19:00 –20:00
June 18 / Friday
Japan is a country with a population of 126 million people,
where almost a third (28%) are people over 65 years old.
In terms of GDP and industrial production, the country ranks third in the world, and the purchasing power of the Japanese is one of the highest in Asia.

Japan is the first on the list of importers of Ukrainian goods to Asia. In the first quarter of 2021, exports of goods to Japan amounted to $ 78 million.

During the webinar with representatives of large Japanese business, we will consider the current state and potential opportunities for exporting Ukrainian goods and services to Japan, as well as talk about the features and complexities of cross-cultural communication in business between Ukraine and Japan.
The main topics of the webinar
What are the features, opportunities and limitations of trade with Japan?
What are the prospects for the development of Ukrainian exports of goods and services to Japan?
What else, apart from raw materials and agricultural products, according to the Japanese themselves, can Ukraine offer them?
At the same time, what difficulties, in particular in the field of cross-cultural communication, do Japanese businesses have to face when selling their goods and services to Ukraine?
Sugimoto Satoshi
JICA Permanent Representative in Ukraine and Moldova
Terashima Koji
Director of Pansonic in Ukraine
Yamada Katsuya
General Manager of Mitsubishi, Ukraine
Ольга Хоменко
Dr. Olga Khomenko
Kyiv School of Economics, Associate Professor
Ota Toru
Director of Sumitomo Representative Office in Ukraine
June 18, 2021 / 19:00 –20:00
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