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52% of MBA graduates increase their income by more than 65% within two years after completing their studies

50% of MBA graduates get promotions within two years after completing their studies


KSE Graduate Business School — the best business school according to Forbes Ukraine 2021.

During the studying, using the StratX simulator students will have the opportunity to create a company in real-time and analyze its performance over 10 years, assess the effectiveness of their decisions, and their impact on the business.

Students receive individual career development coaching from certified mentors during and after their studies.

The program lasts for 20 months and requires up to 12 hours per week, available both online and offline. We guarantee the safety of students studying on campus — our shelters are comfortable and fully equipped.

The program is in English, as our students actively participate in international networking, utilize cutting-edge business tools, and educational materials. Intermediate English level is sufficient for admission.


POLIMI Graduate School of Management — a business school located in Milan, Italy, is our international educational partner. POLIMI GSoM ranks 5th in Europe and 8th globally for the quality of online MBA education and is among the top 20 world universities according to University Rankings. 
Our MBA program includes courses jointly taught by faculty from POLIMI GSoM and KSE GBS, allowing students to adopt the best global practices and apply them to business in Ukraine.





    The 20-month English-language MBA program is designed for managers and business owners who want to strengthen their business now and develop it in Ukraine in the post-war period.
    At the end of the program, students defend their Capstone Project, a business plan aimed at creating a new business or improving an existing one using all the knowledge they have gained.



Dr. Olena Khomenko

Academic Director of the MBA program, Professor in Leadership at the KSE Graduate Business School

Expertise: Leadership, Learning from Experience, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching 


Dr. Serhii Gvozdiov

Professor in Operations and Project Management at the KSE Graduate Business School

Expertise: Project and operational management


Dr. Mykhailo Kolisnyk

Academic Director of the SOE program, Professor in Finance at the KSE Graduate Business School

Expertise: Financial accounting, management accounting, financial management


Tetiana Lukinyuk

Lecturer at the Kyiv School of Economics, B2C Director at Kyivstar

Expertise: Leadership, business management, strategy, marketing, sales, service


Dr. Maksym Obrizan

Lecturer at Kyiv School of Economics

Expertise: Economics, data analytics


Volodymyr Stetsyk

Lecturer at the Kyiv School of Economics, CEO of the consulting company A. T. Kearney

Expertise: Consulting, procurement, strategic management, change management


Oksana Hoshva

Lecturer at Kyiv School of Economics, Founder of DOT_DOT innovation, Hoshva PR and Hoshva DGTL

Design thinking, service design, innovation managementExpertise: design thinking, service design, innovation management


Dmytro Mindra

Lecturer at Kyiv School of Economics, Engineering Manager at Grammarly

Expertise: Software Engineering, Software Engineering Management


Oleksii Gromyko

Associate Professor in Project Management at the KSE Graduate Business School

Expertise: Project, program and portfolio management, business process and operational management, change management and organizational development


Olesia Verchenko

Lecturer at the Kyiv School of Economics, PhD, Academic Director of the Department of Economic Education

Expertise: Financial markets and instruments, monetary economics and policy


Dr. Volodymyr Shulmeister

Lecturer at the Kyiv School of Economics

Expertise: Strategy, Finance, Management, Agriculture, Engineering


The program consists of three thematic blocks that allow you to look at business management in a structured way and from different angles. You can start your education with the block you need right now.

Leading Ideas Block NOW

September 2023 - February 2024

To see the bigger picture and existing trends that affect business. Unleash the potential of ideas that move the world with the block's courses:

● Organizational Behavior● Economics● Macroeconomics ● Innovations Management● Strategic Marketing● + 1 Optional course

Leading Execution Block

March 2024 - July 2024

To implement your strategies and plans and how to do it correctly and efficiently. Create a roadmap for your business with the courses of the block:

● Project Management● Leadership and People Management● Digital Marketing (simulation course)● Business Analytics ● + 1 Optional course

Leading Value Block

September 2024 - February 2025

To create tangible and intangible values in business and society. Find out what your business can give to the world with the block's courses:

● Risk Management● Managerial Accounting● Organizational Development● Strategic Management● Financial Accounting● Design Thinking and Creativity● + 1 Optional course

  • The cost of the program540,000 UAH with modular payment

    Duration20 months

    Start of studyingSeptember 2023



I am a big fan of getting an MBA in Ukraine. We looked at global cases from the perspective of the local context, gained insights into the Ukrainian market from colleagues, but most importantly, we got a network of cool professionals in the market where we plan to develop. If I were to make a choice now, I would not change anything. Although... I would go to another stream, because you can never have too much networking!

Kateryna Netymenko
CEO of Uber in Ukraine.


KSE and Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) have created the perfect combo of a true international MBA that combines data and knowledge.

Dmytro Zinchenko
Director of Reduced Risk Products (IQOS), member of the Philipp Morris board in Ukraine (MBA24).


KSE, and especially the MBA program, teaches students to understand and develop economic behavior to make Ukraine and the world a better place. I believe that this is exactly what we need in Ukraine right now, leadership and reorganization of our economic relations and practices to create better conditions for us and for future generations after the victory.

Vadym Miskyi
Member of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee at the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (MBA 24).


I doubt that I would have reached my professional level without the KSE MBA program. Quite simply, KSE helped me grow professionally and personally. The knowledge and skills I gained during my MBA program exceeded my expectations and opened up new opportunities in my life. The level of the program and teachers is not just good, but incredibly high. I did not regret a single minute or hryvnia spent on this course. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.

Bohdana Sydorenko
Co-founder of the startup GameTree. Bizdev startup and owner of the Nika-Text Plus business (MBA23).


I am convinced that you need to learn all the time. The world, both today and at other times, is changing rapidly, and if you do not improve your level of competence, you can lose your rhythm and potential in achieving new goals. KSE today provides a very high level of knowledge, and that is why I chose this school, and the MBA is interesting to me precisely because I can apply new knowledge and approaches in practice. And I can confirm that they do give results.

Andriy Dubas
President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks (MBA 24)


Now, in my free time, I need to find the strength and self-discipline to read and analyze business literature. You also need to not just sit through lectures, but also think, engage in discussions, and answer questions. Therefore, this training is definitely not for "just for fun" or for general development. The leitmotif of the program is doing business in a complex, if not chaotic environment (how relevant is this for us!). Where the old rules no longer apply. And I will have to break a lot of patterns that I have developed over ten years of work in commerce. And the thought of revealing secret knowledge makes me feel very warm. This is the motivation to go all the way to the end and become the best version of yourself.

Kateryna Kolodka
Business Development Manager at Huawei Consumer Business Group (MBA 24).


  • What if an air raid starts during the class?

    We care about your safety. Students and the lecturers are asked to move to the nearest shelter to continue the class in a safe place. If 30% of the students in the group report in the first 10 minutes after the alarm starts that they are unable to continue their studies, the class is suspended. Then additional hours are allocated to conduct the suspended class. Records of all classes are stored in students' personal accounts on the Moodle platform.

    If you are in the KSE premises during the air raid, you can move to the equipped shelters within the building and continue classes there — the School's premises are equipped with generators and a constant Internet connection.

  • Do you accept the results of IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA) exams instead of an oral interview in English?

    Yes, if you have a Master's / Specialist's degree

  • What is the size of the group?

    20-25 students

  • Admission process

    1. Fill out the Application Form and submit the documents by July 14 (inclusive).
    2. Pass a professional exam and an individual interview in English — July 17-28, 2023.
    3. Admission to the program — no later than August 30 (bachelors) and September 30 (masters).
    4. Start of studying — September 2023.


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